How to Prevent Frozen Pipe Bursting in Minnesota

Even during mild winters in Minnesota, Metro Plumbing gets called to multiple pipe bursts. Freezing temperatures always cause water lines to freeze and potentially burst. This can create a huge mess and costly damage. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent a freeze up.

What Causes Pipes to Burst

Contrary to popular belief, ice expanding does not burst pipes. Pipes burst due to pressure build up between the faucet and the frozen point. This means- if your water line thaws before the pressure becomes too great, the pipe will remain undamaged. Once the pipe freezes and thaws too many times it will gain too much pressure, causing a pipe burst. This could possibly allow thousands of gallons of water to pour freely from the pipe before anyone notices.

Ways to Prevent Frozen Water Lines

If you’re worried about water lines freezing the best thing you can do before winter is insulate them. Although the water lines might be covered it’s good to insulate water lines in the attic, crawlspace or garage. Insulating your water lines will add an extra layer or protection and prevent freeze-ups on very cold days. Pipe insulation can be found at local hardware stores.

My number one tip is to keep your house at a reasonable temperature when you leave town. We’ve been on a lot of frozen pipe calls after someone goes out of town. If you decide to leave town, keep your home warm! Saving energy is great, but the cost of a frozen pipe and water damage will out weigh your savings instantly.

What to Do if Your Pipes Freeze

When you have a frozen pipe you should contact a professional plumber ASAP. Once the pipe is leaking it’s essential to call a plumber to avoid water damage. Don’t forget, water and electricity don’t mix- make sure you turn off electricity to the room or area with a leaking frozen pipe.

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