Frozen Pipes

Prevent A Distaster Before It Happens

It’s 10° outside, another Minnesota winter. You just got home from vacation, to find parts of your plumbing have frozen while you were away.

When you have a frozen pipe, call us right away. It’s important to know that when water freezes, it expands, rupturing the pipe it’s running through. A burst pipe will expel hundreds of gallons of water every hour into your home, causing significant damage. If you notice frozen pipes, it’s important you call someone right away.

Here are some tips to avoid these serious and unpleasant, yet common problems:

  • Invest in a Ecobee Wifi Thermostat- This thermostat can be controlled from any cell phone, tablet, or computer with internet connection. Control your thermostat remotely, and check on your home’s temperature while you’re away
  • Make sure that even if you leave your home for a period of time to keep your heat on. Your thermostat doesn’t need to be set to it’s normal temperature, but keeping it over 60° is a good idea.
  • Keep interior doors open
  • On extremely cold days, keep the doors under your sinks open. This will improve air flow and prevent pipes from freezing
  • If you are worried a pipe will freeze, allow the faucet to drip. This will relieve pressure in the pipe and prevent it from bursting
  • Always remove the hose from your outside spigot before the first frost