Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Clogged Sink? Dishwasher Backing Up? Garbage Disposal not Draining? Kitchens are the most heavily trafficked and typically the central meeting place of the home. Having a well-draining sink, dishwasher or garbage disposal is very important!

If you’re experiencing any type of drain issues in your kitchen, Metro Plumbing can help! Our fully licensed, bonded and insured drain technicians will come prepared to clear your drains whether the blockage is large or small. We carry industry leading drain cleaning equipment that will ensure your drains are cleared properly and won’t back up for years to come.

Contact us today at (651) 766-8686 or Schedule Online for fast and affordable drain cleaning service!

Minneapolis & St. Paul Hydro-Jetting Service

Kitchen Sinks are notorious for becoming plugged with grease and sludge from cooking and cleaning. Our fully licensed, insure and bonded technicians carry the proper equipment to get you back up and draining right away. If we can’t clear it with our standard drain snake, we also offer Hydro-Jetting services! Hydro-Jetting is a fancy type of snake that flushes grease out of your line using very high powered water jets. Call us today if you think your drain line may a need snaking or Hydro-jet service!