Underground Pipe Renovation/Repair

In certain instances, a cable machine or hydro-jet cannot clear your drain line and more specialized methods of drain cleaning are needed to get your drains flowing again. Metro Plumbing & Drains is proud to offer multiple services to ensure you receive the most cost efficient and effective repair to fit your needs. Call Metro Plumbing today to schedule a FREE Estimate if you think you may need one of the services listed below!

3-Ways Metro Plumbing Can Repair Underground Drain Lines

Underground drain lines are found in almost every Minnesota house. There are many different reasons your underground drains may be backed up. Sometimes there’s just a minor stoppage that can be cleared but other times, further repairs are needed. Underground drains can become scaled up from years of general use and hard water going down the drain, if your line is scaled up and can’t be cleared with a drain snake, you may benefit from an underground pipe renovation.

Pipe Renovation

Pipe Renovation renovations can be performed on either above ground or underground drain lines. Pipe Renovation is when a high-speed drain cleaning tool coupled with carbide tip chain heads are used to clear scale build up inside your line. This service is the least invasive and carries a 2-year warranty for proper drainage*.


Repairing/Replacing Channel Rotted Drain Lines

Sometimes instead of scale build up, cast-iron or steel drain lines become rotted out on the bottom from years of running water passing through the pipe, this is called “channel rot”. Channel rotted pipes can be cleaned but eventually the channel rot will become so severe that water won’t drain anymore and the underground pipe will need to be repaired or replaced. There are two methods of repairing channel rotted pipes. The least invasive method is called Brush Coating.

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Brush Coating

Brush Coating is a specialized resin-based coating that is applied to the inside of your drain lines to make them like new again. High-speed drain cleaning equipment coupled with brushes and a machine that sprays resin are used to coat the pipe 5-10 times depending on severity of the issue. The resin dries and becomes very hard, giving your drain line strength and a shiny new surface for draining. This is a great option for finished basements where permanent flooring cannot be disrupted.

Pipe Replacement

Another great way to resolve channel rot is by simply replacing the lines. Underground pipe replacement is the most invasive way to repair rotted pipes, but you will be left with a brand-new PVC pipe when the replacement is completed. During this process, concrete is jackhammered and removed, then pipes are dug up and replaced with new. After testing for leaks and proper drainage, technicians backfill the dirt and re-pour concrete.

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