Bathroom Plumbing

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Toilet Repair & Installation

A stubborn clog that causes the water to overflow, creating a mess in your bathroom. The constant running of water from the tank into the bow, this is an annoyance and will increase the price of your water bill. A toilet that is hesitant to flush, or is weak or slow to flush.

Many homeowners with older toilets want to replace them to give their bathroom an updated look. Others grow tired of stains and discoloration. When no scrubbing even with the strongest cleaning products will remove stains, it’s time to replace.

To avoid damage to your home from a leak or broken pipe, plumbing jobs demand the knowledge and expertise of a professional., Call Metro Plumbing today for fast, affordable plumbing services.

Shower & Tub Repair & Installation

Showers and tubs last a long time. However, years of wear can cause issues to arise that may require a repair or replacement. Maybe you just want a new look in your bathroom.

A specialist at Metro Plumbing can thoroughly inspect the problem and provide you with an informed recommendation.

Sink & Faucet Repair & Installation

If your bathroom is just starting to look outdated, you might be surprised how much difference a new faucet or sink can be. Call Metro Plumbing to ensure that your new faucet or sink is installed quickly, properly, and affordably.

A dripping faucet could waste as much as 350 gallons of water per year. That’s bad on an environmental perspective, bad for your water bill, and can leave a stain in your sink. A constant drop of water under the sink can cause mold and mildew.

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